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REVIEWS - 5 Stars

By Arninya Mcnairon December 14, 2017

Thank you Will Shelton for writing such a wonderful book, it was incredibly detailed and informative.


By wordworkeron November 16, 2017

In this ambitious first work from an extensively accredited educator, Mr. Shelton attempts to impress upon young and old alike that proper nutrition can guarantee a better life with greater longevity, as would well-fed community projects. Along those lines, his reasoning that the aforesaid might receive at least equal attention in school as the 3Rs (reading, [w]ritng and [a]rithmetic) seems dead-on because one can't pursue much else if they're incapacitated! With each successive page, the author labors mightily to show the current generation the way - admittedly His way - to prosperity and successful living, dredging up older and simpler methods from his childhood and neighborhood. (Here, specifically, he may strike quite an appreciative chord with Baby Boomers, especially those from New York City.) While numerous statistics correlate that a nutritious diet, exercise, mindset and commitment triumph over haphazard, neglectful or ignorant choices, a majority fall off the wagon despite good intentions. Like that road, the one littered with health gurus along with business and religious advisers is overpopulated, with many falling fast into forgotten ruts. Mr. Shelton, in this manner, takes well-traveled highways and byways to make his points but adds numerous novel approaches, with some emphasis on the African-American community. (His next self-promoted piece is a book of poetry.) I hope this brings him to a path paved with gold and acclaim. Right now, I see no forks in it.


By george l.on November 22, 2017

I'm very happy to see my friend bring his spirit in this book.I will enjoy every page of this book this i only the first step of many more informative ways to nourish your body mind and spirit, good luck to my childhood friend and next door neighbor school mate, basketball friend.


By Shakimahon November 27, 2017

Such a great read! Really informative !!


By Jasonon November 28, 2017

Amazing book, very insightful and informative... MUST READ FOR EVERYBODY!!!